We will install a new, 2014, state-of-the-art, FDA cleared, diagnostic systems, @1/2 to 1/4 of other's prices, because  we do not charge you the $20,000+ salesman commission like the other sellers do.
Receive a new 2-5 year Warranty on Grayscale and/or Color Doppler, and/or - 3D 4D system with a 9" to 45" Monitor - that's Portable - with Digital - 5 frequency-stop probes (most in the industry for best resolution)  - Phased Array for Cardiac with Cardiac Package - ECG Port - Anotomical M-mode - Stress Echo - Tissue Harmonics - Trapizoidal Imaging - Compound Imaging - Panoramic Imaging - SRT Imaging - Extended Imaging - Speckle Reduction - Pulse Wave Doppler - CW Doppler - Auto IMT Measurement - Rechargable Battery - Multiple USB Ports - Cineloop - Limitless Image & Voice-Dictated  Procedure Movie Archiving  - USB Ports- DICOM - Wireless Data Transfer to your EMR - Internet Connectivity - Iphone/ Ipad connectivity.

The name that is on the system you order is meaningless (huge name advertising aside)  because The FDA has already scientifically tested and cleared as diagnostic all systems manufactured by each of the 12 different brands! (Even though every brand - naturally - tells you they are the best to try to sell you.)  That is exactly why overpaying even double or triple for any brand is uncalled for and unneeded. Medicare, Medicaid, and Privates identically reimburse you, no matter what you spend or what brand name you buy. We simply price for even 1/2 to 1/3 by selling direct to you; by not including the others commissioned medical salesmen whose involvement in selling you will add even $20,000+ to your price.

Our 1/2 to 1/3 priced installations for Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson Cancer Center, & thousands of other Hospitals & private physicians are appreciated. To receive your 2014 system for from $8,990, just call 800-346-6550 now, or just click Contact Us on the top bar.

                 Some people stop to think about the price...others, stop thinking.

  • Low Price as No Commission
  • State-of Art Quality
  • Crisp, Clear Imaging
  • Wireless to EMR
  • Up to a 5-Day  In-Service
  • Full In-Office Training