Facts You May Wish To Consider

READ BELOW AND THEN EMAIL US AT This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want a brochure on a system for your procedures. Here is our delivery protocol:

  1. All systems are brand new 2015 units and come with a 2 or 5 year manufacturer warranty direct to you.
  2. Systems begin at a low price of $8,990 which means your real price and investment after taking your Section 179 tax deduction is only $6,293 (for a 30% bracket taxpayer)
  3. Delivery is usually within 2 weeks direct shipped manufacturer to you.
  4. You will receive the same high quality FDA cleared system that we have installed for (a few examples) Johns Hopkins Hospital; MD Anderson Cancer Center; Mt. Sinai School of Medicine: Emory; HCA; Tenet; and in use by literally thousands of generalists and specialist throughout the United States.
  5. Payment is by check or wire transfer to our Chase Bank Account, or we can arrange a lease.

You can explore the market of about 200 choices (20 manufacturers x 10 systems each for your use).

Like all electronics including TV's and cellphones, ultrasound brands & Systems are made in China, South Korea, and India.

The "Free Demo" sales hook that many doctors still respond to will add even a hidden $20,000 Salesman Commission to your price from GE, Toshiba and the other heavily advertised brands.

OUR FAR LOWER PRICES                     
We price under $10,000 for a brand new 2015  portable, digital system with all contemporary features simply because we ship direct without a salesman or an included even $20,000 salesman commission. (Click BUYER CAUTIONS to your left)

Every One of the about 200 new systems have already been tested by the FDA and have already been FDA-Cleared to display diagnosrtic images for your use. And MEDICARE reimburses identically for every system's use, regardless of whether the doctor paid $9,000 or $30,000 or $50,000, etc.

BUT YOUR ROI WILL VASTLY DIFFER:                                     
Therefore, arithmetically, the less you pay the higher your ROI; BUT the more you pay the lower your ROI.  Johns Hopkins Hospital; MD Anderson Cancer Center; Emory; Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; HCA; TENET and nationwide physicians (see examples under
References to your left) have chosen our systems for a much low price (Quality + Low Price = Best Value).

If you want to save many thousands of dollars on an equally FDA-cleared and equally-reimbursing new system, send us an enail as above. But, If you really believe that a specific brand system is diagnostically better or reimburses more, or is easier to use, than others just accept their "superiority sales claim" and pay their high prices. Buying ultrasound = smartly buying gas, or a plane ride; e.g., no matter the brand or price,  you get the same mileage...the same arrival...and the same  diagnostics. 

BY THE WAY, WE DELIVER THE INDUSTRY'S FULLEST PERSONAL SUPPORT **Free ultrasound course for entire staff, on this website **As much in-your-office personal sonographer-at-your-elbow training & patient procedures as you request.**Ultrasound data wirelessly moved to your EMR. Receive from us a new 2-5 year Warranty on Grayscale and/or Color Doppler, and/or - 3D 4D system with a 9" to 45" Monitor - that's Portable - with Digital - 5 frequency-stop probes (most in the industry for best resolution)  - Phased Array for Cardiac with Cardiac Package - ECG Port - Anotomical M-mode - Stress Echo - Tissue Harmonics - Trapizoidal Imaging - Compound Imaging - Panoramic Imaging - SRT Imaging - Extended Imaging - Speckle Reduction - Pulse Wave Doppler - CW Doppler - Auto IMT Measurement - Rechargable Battery - Multiple USB Ports - Cineloop - Limitless Image & Voice-Dictated  Procedure Movie Archiving  - USB Ports- DICOM - Wireless Data Transfer to your EMR - Internet Connectivity - Iphone/ Ipad connectivity. 

                               Some people stop to think about the price...others, stop thinking.

  • Low Price as No Commission
  • State-of Art Quality
  • Crisp, Clear Imaging
  • Wireless to EMR
  • Up to a 5-Day  In-Service
  • Full In-Office Training